Sep 04

Crowdsourcing Meets Innovation Management

Nuremberg, 04.09.2017 – Streetspotr starts a cooperation with ITONICS

“(…) the world is becoming too fast, too complex, and too networked for any company to have all the answers inside.”  – Yoachi Benkler, Professor an der Harvard Law Business School und Autor von “The Wealth of Networks”

This citation describes a feeling which we all know quite well: uncertainty. Especially its first part is, therefore, probably speaks for many of us. The world we know is often changing faster than we would like it to nowadays.

Nearly all aspects of our lives are as connected as they have never been and we generate data in an almost unprecedented scale. It is, thus, not surprising that one single company is not able to answer all questions relevant for itself and its customers itself anymore.

As mentioned before, there is more than enough data and information. But how do you always get exactly that piece of information, which you need? How can you manage to not only be innovative but also to accurately address the needs of your target group with your ideas?

We have the answers to exactly those questions! As off right now our crowd does not anymore only check your finished products and their placements in-store. 

Streetspotr starts a cooperation with ITONICS

With our partner ITONICS we now start way earlier. Almost 600.000 TrendSpotrs in more than 20 countries now enhance your innovation process. In that way, you know exactly what you have to do in order to satifsy your customers or to acquire new ones.

Our TrendSpotrs possess enormous knowledge which is not limited to certain regions but goes across borders. ITONICS now integrates this knowledge into their tools for your innovation management. The combination of software modules and the “wisdom of the crowd” results in a powerful tool which will take you and your company the decisive step forward.

Ask our global community all your most urgent questions. That way, you receive valuable, authentic insights from all around the world. Be inspired and use the results for your innovation campaigns. 

By this means, you will be able to create products and services based on those aspects that really count: your customer’s opinions and needs!

Benefit from collective intelligence! Discover so far unknown trends or have your potential customers evaluate your product and business ideas. Integrate this valuable feedback directly in your development processes.

Our TrendSpotrs can accompany every step of innovation management – from finding an idea to the actual implementation. You will benefit directly and in real-time from the enormous knowledge and feedback of our TrendSpotrs.

Contact us or our partner ITONICS today for individual solutions tailored to your needs.