Sep 06

Streetspotr Case Study Published in Scientific Journal

Nuremberg, 06.09.2017 – Streetspotr appears as a case study in the article “Measurement of Customer Expericence In-Store with Location-Based Crowdsourcing and Geofencing” by Carolin Durst, Janine Hacker and Theresa Berthelmann

Pressure in retail is huge: The competition through online shops is increasing almost daily. A lot of people today order pretty much everything on the internet. After all, it is a lot more comfortable than fighting one’s way through crowded cities on the weekends or having to leave the house again after work.

In order to have customers come to the cities and into the stores, anyway, retailers have to come up with ideas. Creating a holistic Customer Experience could be the answer to the growing problems of the industry.

Innovative Concepts for a Unique Customer Experience

Many retail companies have already developed innovative concepts to offer their customers something unique and thus have them come back to their stores physically. However, when it comes to evaluating whether their actions really lead to an improved shopping experience, offline retailers again begin to struggle.

When shopping on the internet, the paths customes take until purchase is relatively easy to track and, therefore, also analyze. Stationary retailers, however, have to rely on traditional methods, such as customer queries when leaving the store. Besides causing a high need of time and ressources, this also often dampens the shopping experience of customers.

Who really likes to take part in surveys, which take up time and most likely don’t lead to changes anyway?

New Ways for Performance Measurement

In their just published article “Measurement of Customer Expericence In-Store with Location-Based Crowdsourcing and Geofencing” (in German), Carolin Durst, Janine Hacker und Theresa Berthelmann present a innovative concept to measure Customer Experience.

Location-based crowdsourcing in connection with Geofencing take center stage in the different design possibilities. Streetspotr is used as a case study through which the various options were tested. These first experiences are depicted in the article and based on those recommended actions are derived.

Find the full article for download here (in German).