Advertisement Check in Electrical Shops

Advertisement Check in Electrical Shops

Checking of Advertisement Material for an American Electrical Company

The Challenge

An American electrical company is present in pretty much every electrical shop with numerous advertising materials. Due to the geographic wide spread of the advertising material it is, however, difficult for the company to determine where and how exactly their advertisement is available in the stores. This is exactly what the client wanted to find out in this case.

At the same time, the client aimed at determining how these advertising materials are preceived by real shoppers. The company turned to us in order to collect as many results and opinions as possible fast and comparably cheap.

Our Solution

Our shoppers took pictures of any available advertisement (displays, standees, screensavers, etc.) of the client. Additionally, they answered a few questions concerning the design of the advertising material and indicated what kind of effect the present advertisement had on them.

Since, in this case, the client wanted to conduct a regular verification, all data are collected twice a year. Subsequently, a detailed analysis and, in this case also, a presentation of the results by our professional team takes place. This presentation also includes a comparison with previous results.


The Benefit

Using the power of the crowd, approximately 850 results are collected twice a year. The client uses this data to send their field service to those stores in which there is a need for improvement concerning the placement of advertising materials.

Additionally, the client receives a comprehensive impression about the visibility of their advertising material in-store. Moreover, they can react to the shoppers’s feedback on the design and perception of the client’s advertisement and make potentially necessary changes, which can be checked right during the next wave.