Advertisement Checks in Cinemas

Advertisement Checks in Cinemas

Checking of Cinema Advertisement and Previews for a Film Production Company

The Challenge

Fim production companies invest a lot of time and energy in the planning, production and placement of advertisement material for their movies. The large amount of cinemas in which the advertisement is ultimately placed, however, makes it hard for the companies to actually verify, if and how the advertisement appears in the cinema.

A film production company wanted to change that and check the advertisement material for its own movies and for those of other production companies in cinemas in all of Germany.

In addition to advertisement materials in the cinema lobby and at the outside of the cinema, the order of trailers shown before a specified movie were to be determined.

Our Solution

The audit of the cinemas was supposed to take place on the days between Thursday and Sunday. Via the app the moviegoers took pictures of displays, standees, posters, and banners to in part pre-determined movies in the cinema lobby and on the outside of the cinema.

In order to ensure that the trailers before the right movie were documented, the purchase of a movie ticket (including picture evidence) was mandatory.

Of course, this form of data collection is also possible without trailers and thus without the mandatory ticket purchase.

While the data was collected our client regularly received individual reports about the execution status of the project in an online dashboard.

Cinemas throughout Germany

The Benefit

On a regular basis, up to 100 cinemas are checked within a weekend (Thursday to Sunday). The client is provided with all data in nearly real-time in an individual online dashboard.

The results enable the client to have a look into the cinemas himself as well as to verify the visibility and availability of his advertisement. Through this data the client is offered the possibility to improve the compliance with agreements concerning shown trailers and the punctual installation of advertisement material.

The resulsting increased visibility and ticket sales led to increasing revenues for the client.