Continuous Tracking of Secondary Placements

Continuous Tracking of Secondary Placements

Continuous Tracking of Secondary Placements for a Candy Producer

The Challenge

A large producer of candy wanted to get an overview of his own secondary placements as well as of those of his direct competitors and sweets in general over the course of one year.

Using an own field service for this purpose would not only cost a lot of money, it would also be difficult to collect enough results each week in all of Germany without having to send out hundreds of employees.

In order to generate a certain amount of results in specified stores throughout Germany every week, the company turned to us.

Our Solution

Over a whole year the desired data was generated every week according to predefined quotas. A certain number of stores from determined distribution channels was checked weekly in given regions. As soon as a quota was full, no more tasks could be completed in the particular region or distribution channel until the following week.

In the stores, shoppers took pictures of all available secondary placements of sweets. Additionally, questions concerning the in-store placement of the secondary placement of the client’s products and of those of his competitors.

The Benefit

Thanks to our results the client was able to continously check and understand their own secondary placements as well as those of their competitors. In the course of one year, predefined distribution channels were verified comprehensively in accordance with the client’s requirements. The client received all results in nearly real-time in their individualized online dashboard.

Using the provided data, the client conducted direct comparisons between stores, regions and distribution channels. In doing so, they were able to determine whether and in what way their own strategy had to be changed and take actions accordingly.