Europe-wide Survey on the Shopping Experience

Europe-wide Survey on the Shopping Experience

Europe-wide Survey on Stores of a Supermarket Chain

The Challenge

A German supermarket chain with stores all over Europe wanted to get an idea about how Europe-wide customers perceive the shopping experience and the stores in general.

Collecting results on a European scale would take a lot of time and money using traditional market research methods. With our mobile crowdsourcing solution data cannot only be gathered faster and cheaper, we can also make sure to capture the opinion of real shoppers.

Our Solution

One task was published in the Streetspotr app at each store in all of Europe. Since the survey was supposed to go on for several months, monthly quotas were determined. As soon as a regional quota was reached, no other tasks could be completed in that particular region until the beginning of the following month.

The shoppers took a picture of both the outside and the inside of the indicated store. Subsequently, a few products had to be bought and the shopping experience had to be evaluated by means of several factors. In order to verify that the shopper really completed his shopping in the right supermarket, a picture of the receipt had to be uploaded as well.

The Benefit

In the course of ten months we were able to collect more than 8,000 results in 25 countries through our crowd.

The surveyed data enabled our client to determine those stores and regions, in which customer satisfaction was lower than in others and consequently take targeted measures for improvement.