Europewide Display Checks

Europewide Display Check for an American Technology Company

Verification of the Presentation of Products at the Point of Sale

The Challenge

Our client cooperates with wholesalers in order to place thousands of product displays in stores all over Europe. Even though this approach is very effective, it also complicates control over the presentation of the products at the Point of Sale (POS)

Due to the wide geographic spread, using a traditional field service would take up a lot of time and money. A proper presentation of products on-site is, however, crucial if sales figures are to be optimized.

Looking for an alternative solution to check the displays, the company turned to us.

The Solution

First, we conducted a small pilot study in the required countries for the client. In doing so, various languages were integrated into a single, custumizable dashboard.

In this case, the client predefined a questionnaire about the presentation of the products as well as the appearance and the functionality of the displays. In addition to that, shoppers hat to take a few pictures of the displays on-site in order to proof their answers and to complete the dataset.

Impressed with the speed of data collection in the pilot study, the client decided to make an annual contract for the verification of known displays as well as the reporting of unknown displays right after that.

Using the power of the crowd, our client was able to conduct more than 10.000 checks in the time period of May to December 2016.

The Benefit

The collected data helped our client to get an improved overview about where exactly his displays are placed in stores as well as about the quality of work of the commissiond wholesalers. The unique advatange we could offer in this case was the possibility to provide results from all of Europe – independent from language. Additionnaly, each result is presented in nearly real-time in our online dasbhoard. This allows the client to intervene immediately and make changes, if necessary.

Thanks to our results, the client is now able to better understand and manage the implementation of advertisement campaigns at the POS and consequently keep increasing his revenues.

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different countries in 8 months