Mystery Shopping in Electrical Shops

Mystery Shopping in Electrical Shops

Consultation with Subsequent Evaluation

The Challenge

Our client from the sector of satellite TV wanted to determine with our help, if his products are really recommended to customers in electrical shops by employees during a consultation. In particular, it was about learning whether upselling measures were applied correctly.

With this, the client aimed at being able to better evaluate the effect and effectiveness of staff training with regards to upselling.

Our Solution

Via our app we sent real shoppers to the specified shops. In the guise of wanting to buy a TV, they were supposed to conduct a consultation with an employee on-site.

Subsequently, a couple of questions concerning the quality of the consultation and the products recommended had to be answered.

In order to be able to better evaluate the effectiveness of staff training, we executed two waves of consultations. The first one took place before the training, the second one after.

The Benefit

In the course of three weeks each, we were able to collect 700 results during the first wave and even 950 results during the second one.

In this way, the client received a firsthand impression about how consultations directly at the Point of Sale take place. Thus, the client was able to evaluate amongst others whether his upselling measures were applied as planned by employees.

In the case of dissatisfaction or misunderstandings additional trainings could be organized for the affected electrical shops right after, in order to increase the effectiveness of upselling and with that also sales.


1st wave


2nd wave