Photography Report for a Global Franchise Company

Photography Report for a Global Franchise Company

Verification of Correct Placements of Advertising Material

The Challenge

The client operates a global franchise system of fast food restaurants. The large number of franchisees and their geographic wide spread massively complicates the control of predefined standards. This is especially true for the placement of advertising materials such as posters or banners inside and outside of the restaurants.

Even though the client has their own field force to check whether the material has been put up correctly, it would take up a lot of time and money to collect results on a larger scale. Looking for a way to accelerate and widen this process, the company turned to us.

Our Solution

Since different restaurants can have differing requirements for the placement of advertisement, we created an adjustable questionnaire. Questions about specific advertisement material were consequently only displayed if the concerned restaurant had the instruction to put it up. In addition to that, each questionnaire included a Letter of Authorization of the fast food chain, which explicitly allowed shoppers to take pictures inside and outside of the restaurant.

First, it had to be indicated for each advertising material whether it was present or not. If yes, a picture had to be taken as proof; if no, overview pictures were asked for.

Using the power of our crowd in Great Britain, we were able to conduct more than 300 checks within the first two weeks. The field service of the client – in comparison – collects approximately 100 results in four weeks.


The Benefit

Besides the accelerated collection of data, the client profits of a better understanding of whether the individual franchisees put up the advertising material properly. Since each result is presented in real-time in our online dashboard, the client was able to determine immediately if the franchisee acted according to the specifications. Without the additional coverage through our crowd, the identified mistakes would have remained undetected for a long time or maybe even forever.

In order to offer even bigger advatnages to our client in the future, we will continue to work with the existing field service of the fast food chain. Making use of their expertise, we will be able to provide even more detailed data to reach maximum synergies.