Planogram Analysis for a Food Manufacturer

Planogram and positioning check with photo proofs


This manufacturer had defined its planograms with retailers in its trade terms. The products had to be positioned at eye level. Our challenge was to determine whether the retailers had executed against these conditions. With traditional methods or their own field force, the manufacturer was not able to solve this task, as nationwide coverage of all markets in almost real-time is virtually impossible.


From a customer universe of 400 markets, we selected 50 markets spread all over the country. Our Spotrs went into the retailers, took photos of the shelf and recorded the products inside and outside of eye level.


By capturing the planogram execution, providing picture evidence and a shelf share analysis, the client was able to gain an overview of planogram compliance sorted by region, retail channel, store-level, and even the associated field sales manager. Through the insights provided by Streetspotr, non-compliant situations could be identified and eliminated immediately.

stores checked within 24 hours
of markets had not executed against the planogram