Planogram Analysis for a Leading Food Manufacturer

Controlling the Implementation of a Planogram

The Challenge

This manufacturer had defined its planograms with retailers in its trade terms. In particular, it was agreed that the products have to be placed on eye level. It was our task to identify whether these requirements were met by the retailers. The manufacturer was not able to solve this task using traditional methods or their internal field force, as a comprehensive nationwide coverage of all markets in real-time is virtually impossible.

Our Solution

Out of 400 eligible stores, 50 significant ones were identified for further control. Our Spotrs took pictures of the shelves and delivered information about which products were actually placed on eye level and which were not.

The Benefit

The planogram analysis as well as the pictures provided by the Spotrs helped our client to get an overview of planogram compliance throughout Germany.  The shelf share analysis could be displayed with regard to region, retail chain, particular store, and even individual sales representative. With the help of the insights provided by Streetspotr, non-compliant situations could be identified and eliminated immediately.

stores checked within 24 hours
of markets had not executed against the planogram