Store Check for a German Brewery to Verify Product Placements In-Store

Checking Product Placements in Various Stores Throughout Germany

The Challenge

Products which are placed out of the immediate sight or reach of the customer, are often linked to low sales figures. For that reason, checking the presentation of six different products in German stores was an important step for our client to stabilize revenues.

Our Solution

Within a period of only 48 hours, the agreed 200 wholesale and supermarkets as well as beverage shops could be checked. In this regard, shelf placements of sparkling wine, aperitifs, alcoholic mixed drinks, and spirits were documented and analyzed in various regions throughout Germany.

Inquiry and briefing
Acceptance of the offer and drafting of the Spot
Start of field time, real-time reporting in dashboard
Examination of 200 stores by Streetspotr’s crowd
Delivery of the results via export

The Benefit

The client received an overview of the placement of their products in different trading routes. Additionally, the results provided the client with the opportunity to work on improvements together with the stores in question as soon as possible.

Stores were checked in 48 hours