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Worlwide information from every place you can't be at this very moment

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Streetspotr is all about connecting businesses with people who are in the right place at the right time… with their Smartphones at the ready of course!

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"We are pleased to have found a partner in Streetspotr, one of the leaders in the field of mobile crowdsourcing, whose expertise and range of solutions ideally complements our range of services. The combination of mobile and stationary crowdsourcing provides new approaches for a variety of tasks. Together this will enable us to open up new markets and fields of application and develop better solutions for our customers' tasks in the future."

Christian Rozsenich (CEO)


Facts & Stats

Facts n stats 1

1.250.000 Spots done

Facts n stats 2

3.000.000 uploaded and analysed photos

Facts n stats 3

300.000 Spotr

Facts n stats 4

700.000 Locations visited and audited

Funny facts 1

3.924 Coffee

Funny facts 2

6.294 Table soccer matches

Funny facts 3

1.395 Apple vs. Android debates


Werner Hoier
Technical Managing Director

Web Passionist. Innovator. T-shirt Lover. Design Junkie and Always-on.

Dorothea Utzt
General Managing Director

Coffee addict. World Traveller. Word Lover, Ex-Journalist. Embracing every challenge.

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