How does it work?

The power of mobile crowdsourcing: Real shoppers are reporting back to you in real-time.

1. Briefing

We’re analyzing your goals, drafting and setting up your questions and measuring them against the outcome you want to achieve

2. Results in real-time

Our mobile crowdsourcing platform comes alive: Our Spotrs get notified and perform tasks that are nearby

3. Quality assurance

Every result is checked by our quality assurance team

4. Actionable insights

Real-time results and data analysis based on your research goal

600,000 people armed with their smartphones, ready to report and feed back. Globally.

We’ve been experts in qualifying and engaging our mobile crowd since over 5 years. Our global crowd is ready to feed back to you all around the world. We are very strong in EMEA and Northern America.

Our Spotrs are everyday people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds; students, fathers and moms, young professionals and corporate employees are part of our mobile crowd. Every Spotr that wants to join us is being qualified and briefed before officially performing a task for us.

Best-in-class Analytics Dashboard

With 4 years of industry experience and together with industry experts, we have created and continuously improved our analytics dashboard which  illustrates all main insights from the data collected through the crowd in real-time. Applying our immense filter capability (post codes, Nielsen areas, retail channels, store sizes, distribution center), you can screen your individual KPIs at a glance, without spending time and money for internal data analysis or creating management presentations. Just download them from your individual dashboard in as many formats as you like.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Using our combined app and dashboard technology brands and retailers can see through their shoppers‘ eyes and capture feedback on the shopping experience. Our clients are not only able to address compliance and performance issues twice as much and quickly compared to existing approaches, but are simultaneously gaining insight into the people that matter most to their business – their shoppers.

Key performance indicators (KPI’s)

At the beginning of your project, our analysts will define your individual Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) together with you. Your dashboard will then always start with displaying your KPI’s and how your most recent performance matches against them so you can monitor your most important questions at a glance and become actionable within seconds.


More features


Drill down to specific stores and uncover the ones that are not performing immediately. You can also export all data into an existing BI system.


Sort and filter the results to understand what is happening within a specific region, channel, distribution center, merchandiser or for a specific target group. Tag the results you want to filter and look at the data by question or specific answers to determine trends and identify key areas to improve.


We can set you up with individual notifications to be sent out when something is incorrect or not up to company standards. You and your field team will receive alarms immediately to take corrective action NOW, not in a few weeks.

Always delivering high quality

Yes, we’re made in Germany! It is uttermost important to us to always deliver high quality results. We double-check each and every data point that will be made available at our mobile crowdsourcing platform. We’re experts in community management and permanently improving our platform to ensure quality through:

Fraud detection, reasonabless checks, GPS data checks, Timestamps, Geofencing and image meta data extraction, to name but a few.

Custom Reports and Management Presentations

We provide the collected data and results in Excel, PDF, PPT and much more and can also provide custom reports tailored to your needs.

We’re not only focused on our clients’ high satisfaction, but also on their long-term success. By being fast and flexible, we’re capable of integrating our solution in nearly every technical environment in order to help our clients to achieve their targets.

Want to see our platform in action?