Our Private Workforce Solution

Manage your own Private Workforce with Streetspotr

Assign tasks and communicate with your field team or managed crowd through our private workforce solution.

Is your field team still using excel files or WhatsApp messages to communicate and report? Help them work smarter today! Our private workforce lets you take your workforce mobile while still seeing the big picture.

  • Easily create and assign tasks and locations
  • Track execution in real-time
  • Engage your field force and merchandising team to collaborate
  • Communicate through the app directly on the ground
  • Quick check-ins based on GPS
  • Task templates and individual tasks
  • Photos, videos and time stamp validation

Your workforce, taken mobile.

Streetspotr’s Private Workforce solution enables you to stay ahead of what’s happening out there. Communicate with your field team, track execution and KPIs and see what’s happening on-the-ground in real-time

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