We can tell you how shoppers experience your brand or product in real time.

Leveraging shopper insights benefits all parties:
a win-win-win

As up to 70% of purchasing decisions happen at the Point of Sale, we understand that it is crucial for our consumer brand and retail clients to know what their shoppers see and experience in-store and on-shelf to avoid lost sales, frustrated consumers and declining brand awareness. Apart from mostly inaccurate EPOS data, leveraging real-time feedback of what‘s happening at the most important touch point – the store itself – has not been possible so far. With our combined app and dashboard technology we‘re enabling FMCG/CPG brands and retailers to literally see through their shoppers‘ eyes and tap into opinion.

Shopper insights derived from where it really matters – the Point of Sale.

EPOS data doesn‘t tell you the full story and capturing real-time feedback on what‘s really happening in-store has not been possible until now for CPG brands. Retailers are permanently struggling to improve inventory turnover, increase productivity of promotions and enhance shopper loyalty. We can help you with that.

Pre-purchase Act

  • Product/branding positioning communication and awareness
  • Targeted coupons
  • Shopping recommendations
  • Shopper’s mood
  • Shopping list

Shopping Experience

  • Shopping occasion
  • Strength of purchase intent
  • Drivers of purchasing decision
  • Influencing factors for purchasing decision
  • Ease of shopping experience
  • Recognition of POS signage, displays, graphics
  • Appeal of product / display design
  • Recognition of in-store media
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Post-purchase Experience

  • Product experience / product testing
  • Emotional experience
  • Functional experience
  • Recommendation of product / net promoter score

Bulletproof shopper insights: Images and Videos taken by real shoppers

Images and videos taken in-store and at home illustrate exactly what your shopper see and experience. All photos are stamped with GPS data, date and time to provide you with a precise snapshot before, during or after a shopping experience.

Let your shoppers take you where you’ve never been taken before! After having bought the product, capturing their purchasing decision and revealing their shopping experience, they will tell you how they use your product at home and if they would recommend it – and why (not). We use the Net Promoter Score to track your brand’s appealing and compare it to industry standards.

Dashboard with real-time results and lots of filter possibilities

Our real-time dashboard with individual positioning adjustable to your needs lets you easily filter and export data assigned to your brand. There’s no need for someone to analyze the date you receive. It’s already there. Do you want to see what shopper demographics are visiting your store or buying your products in a specific region or timeframe? It’s just a few clicks away.

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