Our Retail Intelligence Platform uncovers execution and impact of in-store marketing and provides brands with on-demand visibility into store conditions.

Maximize your retail execution with Streetspotr

Incorrect pricing, out-of-stocks, inadequate product facings, and planogram non-compliance are costing brands billions in lost revenue opportunities every year. We help you discover poor retail execution and, more importantly, become actionable immediately.

Gain insight into store-level execution

We provide you with instant visibility to your products on the shelf and the ability to affect promotions whilst they are running so you can increase your sales and satisfy your shoppers.  Take corrective action instantly and measure your ROI associated with trade spend investments.

Our retail intelligence services at a glance

In-Store Promotions

Our Spotrs…

  • check on the execution of promotion materials and POS displays
  • feed back on the positioning of your displays and in-store material
  • count products left on shelf or on display
  • report out of stocks and help restock your products on the shelf
  • support your field force and merchandising team
Shopper Insights

We can tell you…

  • how your products are perceived by shoppers and target groups
  • if shoppers find your in-store marketing appealing
  • how you compare to your shoppers’ perception of your competitors
  • what your shoppers think you can improve to make them buy
Competitive Intelligence

Do you want to uncover…

  • your competitors’ most recent products and how they are distributed
  • any promotions running on the same shelf / in the same market
  • pricing, new product launches and product range selection of competitors
  • shelf shares and other on-shelf analysis?
Planogram Compliance

We help you..

  • check on the agreed planograms and improve their execution
  • measure planogram compliance by retail channel, distribution center and other filters
  • uncover how your shelf share compares to your competitors

We evaluate…

  • POS benchmarks
  • Accessibility of the POS
  • Key Data like size of store / of the business, opening hours etc.
  • Customer profiles of the POS
  • Other influencing factors that can affect your product positioning or new product launch
New Product Launch


  • measure the distribution of your new product
  • track the effect of new product launches on product segments
  • gather shopper insights about your NPL
  • compare your NPL performance to industry standards

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